Visualisation on a user's transportation movements throughout a period of a month. Conducted in October 2019.


Specific Frequented Locations

(Instances of Category x Location)

Specific Frequented Locations portray map points of only transport related transactions (i.e. Taxi, Bus, Train) over the period of the research study. 

On the right, a screengrab of the visualisation is displayed, showing the large concentration of transport transactions in the central and city area. By having such concentrations, it can be inferred that the user frequently travel in those locations.



Total Spent in a Month for Transport


Counts of Transport Transactions


Transport transactions versus total count

Screenshot 2019-11-18 at 9.20.03 PM.png

Note the dots that seem to continue blinking at one location. Where do you think the user lives, work and play?


Just like regular commuters, the user constantly transacts on moving around, making the single category of transportation 78% of all transactions in the data pool. When placed together both data sets combine to represent the correlation and similarities in the use of location data in both data sets. 

With such data available to be manipulated into map charts, the prospect of such data to be handled negatively remains a key concern in the tech industry, despite the advancement in future-proof technologies and systems - thus forming the Social Paradox.