in the Everyday

While the advent of digital tech has brought us elevated levels of comfort, convenience and has even brought changes to our lives. Socialising, Interacting and Connecting with others have made Social Media the greatest form of communicating

Since the start of the decade, social media has seen a rise in its usage. Such usage usually comes with the disclosure of great amounts of data that easily commutes around the world.

2.5 Billion

Monthly Active Users

for December 2019*


Facebook Ad Revenue

(From Mobile)*


Times the amount of time spent on Mobile devices between 2008 to 2018*

What do you feel about the amount of information? Have you ever known this was happening all this while?

  1. Log in into your Google Account

  2. Head over to Google Maps

  3. Click on the Side bar > Your Data in Maps

  4. Under Google wide controls - Location History, click ‘See & delete activity’

Find out just how much Google knows about you!

Privacy Matters

While tagging our geo-locations may seem like a trivial matter, trends can be created by analysing the compilation of locations with user data. That is, anyone will be able to find out where you frequently travel.


Social companies like Google use populated user data to show where traffic jams are - just like the Artist that faked a traffic jam! Data is also collected to measure crowds for crowd management, and for analytics. 

We assume our lives believing that we’re going on our own right. Yet we’re constantly being monitored and recorded in a plethora of ways imaginable. Think cameras, mics, your clicks, and more. 

Just how can my data be of advantage?

Find out more on how your data can do more harm than good